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Warzone UAV Radar review by TheDude

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Name of cheat used: UAV Radar
Hours played on the game: 100days
Hours played on the game using the cheats: at least 20 hours
Which features did you enjoy most: when it work it was awesome, but I couldn't get it to work after getting the right windows version . I kept getting the 401  un authorized.. I messaged Faceless on discord and I haven't gotten a response. I bought it in March and It worked fine for couple months then Warzone had a update and it hasn't worked for me since.
Would you recommend this to others? yes i love NACL  but I had to outsource and find another company for UAV

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Thanks for the review, and sorry for the slow updates on the radar. It has been currently working for the a few weeks, You needed a replacement key for the updated loader, this is why you got the 401 error. Open a ticket in the discord if you would like you new key.

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